Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Monday

It has been awhile since I played Fun Monday. So here it is.
This week's Fun Monday is hosted by East Coast Life and her mission:

When it comes to gift-giving and receiving, men and women differ on many things.
Are men easier to please?
Show us the best and worst gift(s) you have ever received from your spouse/partner/lover?

So here it goes:

The best gift I have received from my husband I got for my Birthday and Christmas just a few months ago.

For my Birthday I opened up a pink Nintendo DSi that I have been wanting for a long time. Me and Court Jester 2 play together or more like against each other once in awhile. His DSi is black...because pink is not cool for a boy. ;)

Now I tell Robocop that he can NOT go wrong with jewelry. This is the only proof I have that he does listen to me once in a blue moon. I opened these little jewels up on Christmas.

In the past I have received perfume that I loved. Because I am a girly girl. I have gotten Roses, which I do like, I just don't get the expense of spending money on them just for them to die and go to waste. I rather have different flowers that don't cost as much....because I do like flowers. LOL He even bought me a cross stitching chart for Valentines day one year. This past Valentine's day he bought me a red purse.

I can not think of any bad gift he has given me. He knows what I like.


Pamela said...

my husband and I garden -- so we rarely buy cut flowers.
But over a year ago for our anniversary he surprised me with yellow roses. I let them dry out and sit in the dining room for a year. I finally had to dump them as they were falling apart.

Gattina said...

I agree with you on flowers ! it's money thrown out of the window and I prefer them in nature.

EastCoastLife said...

I like the pink DSi although I don't play it. My son owns a black one.

My husband doesn't know how to buy gifts for others. I usually shop for gifts on his behalf.

I love red roses which I have no success growing them myself. :P

Jan said...

Sounds as if Robocop is doing OK in the gift department.

janis said...

I am with you on the Roses being a waste of money...I prefer mums or daisies or ones that last at least two weeks or more. sounds like Robocop takes good care of you in the gift department!

Sayre said...

There is this little iris/lily type flower that is generally thought of as a filler flower in bouquets - but I love THOSE. I enjoy growing my knockout roses (which I can't kill), but don't really care for roses as my bouquet.

Sounds like RoboCop knows his stuff when it comes to you!

Robocop said...

Yuppers, I know what Debs wants. LOL