Saturday, March 06, 2010

Celtic Autumn

YES I am obsessed with Sabrina. I can NOT wait to start her. Looking at my Mirabilia patterns today, I came across my Celtic Autumn. I keep forgetting about her. Well not no more. I won't start her for awhile, BUT I do have fabric for her. I will have to get more floss, but this give you an idea what she will look like. I LOVE this!

Celtic Autumn is a Lavender and Lace Design, not a Mirabilia. I love L&L designs but not as much as I LOVE Miras.

Any hoo, here is a floss toss on the fabric and a picture of the design. Now the original design is in purples, but some have done a color conversion for Autumn like colors. I was gifted this from a woman in Scotland from a stitching board. She had a Kit and gave me her "left overs" so I would have an idea of what colors to use etc. TY TY TY Paula!

Here is the picture of the design:

The Floss Toss on the fabric:

The Beads on the fabric:

The fabric is 28 count Khaki even weave. The color of course is better in person than on the computer.

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Branlaadee said...

Hi Debbie! I didnt know you were back in the blogosphere! Glad to see you posting again. I love Celtic Autumn too! I cant wait until you start her.

Stop frogging CdC. LOL