Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Needle Minder

Robocop got me a needle minder. It is a crown....perfect for me since I am Queen Bee.
;) The top pic is dark I know, but it shows more detail of the crown. The bottom pic too bright but shows the true color of the background of the crown. I LOVE this needle accessory!

Needle Minders have a magnet on the back. It is held in place on your stitching by the magnets. When you want to change floss or if you need to get up, you just place needle on top and the magnet keeps the needle from getting lost.

The Kelmscott Designs makes many different designs for their Needle Minders.

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The Church Lady said...

I have never seen a "needle minder". Guess cause I'm not a sewer. This one suits you well! It is very unique! What a thoughtful gift from your hubby!

BTW, Jill from Adventures of Lil' Mouse is hosting Fun Monday Feb. 15. She had asked about hosting a few days ago, so she should have her post up today. Perhaps you could host on Feb. 22. You can link to her through my blog.

Have a great weekend!